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Bree Avatar
9/26/2021 - Google

The jalapeño margarita was perfect! And I ordered the coffee rubbed steak, bourbon chicken and tequila shrimp tacos and each one was better the previous. Def a great place to check out. Friendly staff with good recommendations, great music and prices fair to the area.

Steven Lastname Avatar
Steven Lastname
9/24/2021 - Google

A fun and somewhat noisy place. The food is pretty good but the staff are the best. We sat with some beers waiting for our food, and before we had a chance to ask where it was after it had been a while the bartender approached us and said he’d check in it and they ended up comping us, which was fair. The manager even came by. Very professional. So the front of the house is very on it. They’re also great eye candy FWIW.

Aubrey E. Avatar
Aubrey E.
5 star rating
9/17/2021 - Yelp

Great spot to hit up for a couple margs. Stay late if you want to dance. Definitely ask for Bobby! Best server in the house

Glenn G. Avatar
Glenn G.
5 star rating
8/31/2021 - Yelp

Came here on accident since it was the only bar open before 5. I had an amazingly boozy and tasty Margarita and my Fiancé had a tequila and soda. Have to commend the management for requiring proof of vax at the door. Great friendly staff and chill vibe. Will have to return for the tacos.

Uzma Siddiqui Avatar
Uzma Siddiqui
8/22/2021 - Google

Love this place! Friendly staff, nice vibe, and delicious tacos. I really like the bourbon chicken, coffee rubbed steak, and tequila shrimp tacos. The salsa trio is also good. And good margs!

Geoff J. Avatar
Geoff J.
5 star rating
8/11/2021 - Yelp

I enjoy the vegan taco options and the nice outdoor patio eating beside the restaurant that is convenient for people watching. The price is slightly high for the smallish food portions, but the quality is good. So it's not a place to get full if you have a big appetite. I would recommend this place.

Daniel Lopez Avatar
Daniel Lopez
7/12/2021 - Google

Came here for their brunch Sundays with a group of friends. We sat out in their outdoor seating area and it was cool I loved the roof it was like a translucent gradient roof. Really neat. The food was tasty I had the Brunch Burger and the addition of syrup was game changing! I loved it, really well balanced flavor. Only knock I have is that by the bar there was this strange odor. No clue what could it be but didn’t bother me since we were seated outside.

Brandon Cooney Avatar
Brandon Cooney
6/10/2021 - Google

A friend recommended this place last minute so we decided to try it out. Glad we did. Great service, absolutely the best seasoned corkscrew fries! Great burger. Some of the tacos were a little out of my preference but some were good too. Ordered pitcher of 312 beer but pretty sure we got Miller lite… didn’t say anything because it wasn’t a huge issue for us. I’d go back

Jim Campbell Avatar
Jim Campbell
6/07/2021 - Google

I still love the bourbon chicken and coffee-rubbed steak tacos here. Am updating my review to just give appreciation for the staff and crew for doing their best to provide good service as things start to open back up again in (what seems to be) the waning days of the pandemic. I know it's a ton of effort to feed so many people who are eager to be out with friends when you haven't operated at these capacities for a long time. Thanks for the hard work you're putting in.

Paul Jones Avatar
Paul Jones
6/06/2021 - Google

Celebrated my birthday here last night and would definitely do it again! Great food and service and the dancing was so much fun later in the evening. The staff was great and the owner was also really nice!

Sunny P. Avatar
Sunny P.
5 star rating
6/06/2021 - Yelp

We celebrated my friends birthday here for brunch! I absolutely loved the atmosphere and they were very accommodating to our requests! The workers were very nice and friendly! If you showered your vaccinated cards, your didn't need to wear masks! Also this place is getting renovated so their bathrooms were very spacious and modern! The food was very flavorful and seemed fresh! I look bed the shrimp shrooms tacos. The mimosas were sweet yet not too sweet! I think I will definitely come here again!

Christina B. Avatar
Christina B.
4 star rating
6/02/2021 - Yelp

The vibes (and guac) here are great! The margs were pretty good but know that the jalapeño marg comes with a lot of seeds in the glass

Marcos Antonio Zavala Avatar
Marcos Antonio Zavala
5/28/2021 - Google

Took a trip from Houston to the city of Chicago and this was by far my FAVORITE brunch spot in the city! The waitress was very attentive and our food came out in a timely fashion. I got a biscuit with egg, jam,sausage links and cheese, it was to die for. Definitely a 10/10! I also really enjoyed the bottomless mimosas, they most definitely hit the spot. I would definitely recommend for any group of people, especially if you enjoy catch a good ol brunch buzz to start off your day.

Paige F. Avatar
Paige F.
5 star rating
5/15/2021 - Yelp

Reeves is amazing!! He was so helpful and attentive for the entirety of our visit. Would HIGHLY recommend!!

Kierah M. Avatar
Kierah M.
5 star rating
4/23/2021 - Yelp

I have to say this is one of the best dining experiences I have ever had. Calan did exceptionally when serving me for my 28th bday. He was attentive, caring and quick. It's very rare that you can find great service to this caliber in Chicago. Will definitely be back!!!!!

Kaila Williams Avatar
Kaila Williams
4/17/2021 - Google

Drinks, food and service was amazing. Nice chill vib, we made reservations for 8:30p on a Friday night, our 2 hour time slot started as soon as we got there and were seated immediately. Queso did was delicious too.

R D. Avatar
R D.
5 star rating
4/16/2021 - Yelp

Had dinner last night, my friends and I enjoyed the food. Our server, Calin, was great. Answered all our questions, and knew the menu! Will definitely come back again!!!

Ederik I. Avatar
Ederik I.
5 star rating
4/14/2021 - Yelp

Oh eM Goodness! Absolutely love this place! Always amazing food. I always get the Taco Trio (because I'm indecisive) but wanted to mix things up for cocktails.
The cute blue haired server "Calan" was wonderful and suggested the High Octain! What a great night it was after that! cant wait til next time 😉

Ian M. Avatar
Ian M.
5 star rating
4/11/2021 - Yelp

Margo served us and we can't say enough about how great she was. She gave recommendations and was always very attentive. The food here is great, I highly recommend the chicken sandwich. The onion rings are a great upgrade too if you're hungry. Will definitely be back and request to sit in Margo's section.

Jemi Patel Avatar
Jemi Patel
4/04/2021 - Google

Margo was the sweetest and the most caring server I’ve come across. It is definitely a casual vibe but the staff is very caring and the food is so sublime. I’ve never left a review before but this place convinced me to leave one. Definitely visit !!! You are guaranteed to have a good time.

CJ Warren Avatar
CJ Warren
3/29/2021 - Google

Great experience here last week! Our server Joey took good care of us. We really appreciate him. It was my partners birthday and he did a great job making us feel welcomed. He recommend a shot of tequila and it was smooth and enjoyable. Thanks again, Joey!

thekdreport Avatar
5 star rating
3/19/2021 - TripAdvisor

Finally out the house During these times it’s always best to do reservation because of limited seating. This place has done a decent job of trying to make everyone feel safe about dining in. Plexi glass and screen protectors are set up in the patio area. To help people with anxiety about what’s going on, including me. Paperless menus. The food and drinks were amazing, the lemon pepper shrimp taco was to die for. LGBT friendly. The service was great, as the workers were very knowledgeable of the menu and attentive.
Did I mention the lemon pepper shrimp taco?

Located between the Belmont and Addison in...
read more

Tulsi P. Avatar
Tulsi P.
4 star rating
3/18/2021 - Yelp

Came here for brunch for the bottomless mimosas, and it was great! The food was awesome, however, their brunch menu is limited currently. The mimosas were awesome. The service was decent as well. Would love to try this again during dinner time! The drink menu looked amazing.

Janea V. Avatar
Janea V.
4 star rating
3/14/2021 - Yelp

I was craving some tacos and tequila and in my Yelp search, DS Tequila popped up so i decided to give it a try.

I was not disappointed at all. Have you have had a taco flight lol? Well that have something similar called the 'Taco Trio' where you are able to pick 3 tacos from their long list of fun taco flavors. I tried the 'Fried Chicken' 'Lemon Pepper Fried Shrimp' and the 'Coffee Rubbed Steak' tacos. All were SOO good. They were jam packed with flavor and all were very unique where I didn't feel like I was...
read more

Cait M. Avatar
Cait M.
5 star rating
3/10/2021 - Yelp

I've always loved DS tequila; the drinks, food, etc. but tonight they went above and beyond. My food was subpar, which was so unlike their standard, but everyone at our table was fine. I told the waiter, Joey, and he was so understanding and made it right immediately. As always, the rest of the food and the drinks ended up being its normal awesomeness. Thanks, Joey and DS Tequila.

Ramiro Corral Jr Avatar
Ramiro Corral Jr
3/07/2021 - Google

Definitely didn't regret

From the moment we walked in, my dearly beloved and I felt very welcome.

Very friendly and energetic staff. Definitely set the vibe. The food is amazing and high quality. Even the unlimited mimosas, they use the good stuff. Definitely recommend. Kudos on a fine eat establishment

Jennifer S. Avatar
Jennifer S.
5 star rating
3/01/2021 - Yelp

We went for the first time last week when Chicago was unseasonably warm and beautiful!
By chance, in Jan, I noticed their sign about a back patio with heated tent houses. We were looking for a safe outdoor place to take the family to dinner.

When we arrived, were so impressed by their beautiful patio out back! We happened to be the only group dining out there. Our heated tent had lights strung around and astro turf on the ground. We were very warm and toasty and even had to request the heat be turned off to give us a...
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Alex C. Avatar
Alex C.
4 star rating
2/17/2021 - Yelp

Whether you're in the mood for a lively brunch, 50¢ wing night, solid lunch option, or anything in between, DS Tequila has it all. PreCOVID I came here regularly for bingo night and the dance parties. Since COVID I come for their amazing heated patio and private outdoor heated pods. Oh, and their food and drinks are great too!

My favorite thing on the menu is their chicken tenders. They're tender, crunchy, and HUGE! The chips and salsa trio is a great sharable app. And their taco salad is also an amazing, fresh option. As for drinks, I always get the...
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Michael C. Avatar
Michael C.
5 star rating
12/20/2020 - Yelp

The heated cabins...are very warm. Warm enough to eat and drink without coats on! Bring friends, you are very separated from your neighbors.

Alyssa Ziemba Avatar
Alyssa Ziemba
12/18/2020 - Google

Ugh. This place. Such good food and such good drinks. I ordered chicken tacos and wow. They also offer drinks in pitchers, which is what my group did. Worth it!

Selina H. Avatar
Selina H.
4 star rating
12/01/2020 - Yelp

This is how you dine outdoors in the Chicago cold! Their setup in the back is amazing. Private space with fake grass, extremely efficient heating lamp, and nice holiday decorations. I had the jalapeño margarita (2/5) and one lemon pepper shrimp taco (3/5) and one tequila shrimp taco (4.5/5). The jalapeño margarita was not spicy at all (that's what I expect when I get one). Both tacos were good, but I preferred the tequila shrimp. Our waiter, Coly, was amazing. His energy and suggestions were great. I will definitely be returning to try other menu items.

Diego M. Avatar
Diego M.
4 star rating
11/19/2020 - Yelp

I heard this place had a great brunch special and boy did it not disappointed. Located in the heart of Boystown, DS Tequila offers bottomless mimosas for $20 if you purchase an entree! The entree is a bit pricey $12-15 but the bottomless mimosas are well worth it.

DS Tequila's mimosas weren't watered down and the waiter never ignored our empty glasses. They keep the drinks coming! The food was good too. I had the hangover skillet and it was delicious. Unfortunately they were out of brisket so next time I'll grab the brisket hangover skillet.

Atmosphere is great - they...
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Sophia M. Avatar
Sophia M.
4 star rating
11/15/2020 - Yelp

Delicious brunch choices and lots on menu! Loved the breakfast sandwich and homemade hash browns (breakfast potatoes). A little chilly on the patio but worth bundling up for the atmosphere and mimosas!

Sarinthia Newman Avatar
Sarinthia Newman
11/09/2020 - Google

Great food, great drinks, great service. If you're in the area, definitely stop by.

Jory Simmons Avatar
Jory Simmons
10/28/2020 - Google

Had a great time and great margaritas with friends. Beautiful crowd, but definitely a different experience in Covid 19. Hopefully they will be able to continue to operate in this pandemic.

Victoria scates Avatar
Victoria scates
10/01/2020 - Google

The staff was amazing, they made you feel welcome from the moment you walk in. The burger I had was amaing. The drinks are also really good. The patio was spacious and clean.

Daniel D. Avatar
Daniel D.
4 star rating
9/30/2020 - Yelp

Tried the fried chicken sandwich and it was surprisingly delicious, would definitely order again. Their margaritas are also very good and strong, so worth the price! Also appreciated that the patio tables were adequately distanced. Enjoyable time and can't wait to go back.

Carrie Cosgrove Barriere Avatar
Carrie Cosgrove Barriere
9/21/2020 - Google

Great food, friendly staff. Our server Steven was wonderful!!

Neesha W. Avatar
Neesha W.
5 star rating
9/21/2020 - Yelp

Me and my Friend Really enjoyed Ourselves The drinks was nice and strong food was delicious and the customer service was even better will be back

Steven N. Avatar
Steven N.
5 star rating
9/12/2020 - Yelp

Drinks were strong and the lemon shrimp tacos were super good. The coffee stream taco was interesting, you really should have a taste for it. Not my forte but service and food was exceptional

Lindsey T. Avatar
Lindsey T.
5 star rating
9/06/2020 - Yelp

Went for Brunch and it was great! Good food but the Drinks is definitely why people come here! sooo many options of Margaritas/Tequila drinks

Xzavier Lee Avatar
Xzavier Lee
9/03/2020 - Google

Easily a place to regular. They have weekly deals, cheap wings and a good food/drinks. Don't hesitate to get the jalepeno ranch, and for those that like sweet potato fries like I do. These are the best ☺️

William H Avatar
William H
8/19/2020 - Google

Fast service, food is hot and definitely adhering to the safe distancing between tables. Staff is very professional

Mayur C. Avatar
Mayur C.
5 star rating
8/16/2020 - Yelp

Mira, Angie is the best. Enough said. She'll bring you your drinks with some amor y humor. Gracias, mi gente. Cuídense.

Stefanie Salerno Avatar
Stefanie Salerno
8/09/2020 - Google

Their fried chicken and coffee rubbed steak tacos are delicious! Also, the mimosa package is a great deal!

Liz Ladewig Avatar
Liz Ladewig
8/08/2020 - Google

Delicious and the COVID protocols are top notch.

shawn coleman Avatar
shawn coleman
7/31/2020 - Google

Brunch here is actually really amazing. The food was perfectly balanced and the bottomless mimosas had my party feeling summer time fine lol. I'm excited for my next visit.

Cary Gray Avatar
Cary Gray
7/26/2020 - Google

Great waiter Tony actually smiled with his eyes. Food was delicious. Only draw back was a Karen at the door.

Steve R. Avatar
Steve R.
5 star rating
7/26/2020 - Yelp

This place is a very great establishment overall! Food is amazing, staff is very friendly. Kyle S was very attentive and paid attention to detail when it came to the needs of my group. The extra love he supplies during your DS experience is worth it.

Drew M. Avatar
Drew M.
5 star rating
7/25/2020 - Yelp

I wanted to write and recognize our server, Tony, for being a consummate professional. Me and a friend were there Sunday evening when an unruly guest was refusing to follow social distancing guidelines and was just a mess all around. Tony, and manager Margo, could not have diffused the situation and handled it better if they tried. They even got the surrounding tables a shot for having to witness the situation, which was unnecessary, but only showed how much they cared to ensure a great experience for everyone else. Truly professional all around.

Bridget M. Avatar
Bridget M.
5 star rating
7/18/2020 - Yelp

Awesome tacos and margs! Our waiter, Kyle S., was so inviting and helpful. Coming back for sure

Patricia U. Avatar
Patricia U.
5 star rating
7/18/2020 - Yelp

One of the best places I have ever been. Our waiter Kyle S was phenomenal. He made sure to check in on us and bring us anything we need. The steak quesadillas are to die for. Will definitely come back.

Marissa L. Avatar
Marissa L.
5 star rating
7/17/2020 - Yelp

Anthony (Tony) M. Was a great waiter and definitely would be back as long as he is there...... the food was great and the atmosphere was amazing

Desmond Anderson Avatar
Desmond Anderson
7/15/2020 - Google

The waiters/waitresses are friendly, the drinks are awesome, and the food is delicious. They, also have good specials.

Sean I. Avatar
Sean I.
5 star rating
7/13/2020 - Yelp

Went with bae to celebrate the Fourth of July. Best guacamole I've had at a dining establishment. I'm always hesitant to order burgers when I dine out but the LGBTQ (The burger of the month) was amazing!

Sean I. Avatar
Sean I.
5 star rating
7/05/2020 - Yelp

Went with bae to celebrate the Fourth of July. Best guacamole I've had at a dining establishment. I'm always hesitant to order burgers when I dine out but The LGBTQ (The burger of the month) was amazing!

Maggie M. Avatar
Maggie M.
5 star rating
6/21/2020 - Yelp

Bourbon chicken tacos were delicious!! An inviting environment and our server Colee was lovely and accommodating. Would absolutely recommend.

Mason D. Avatar
Mason D.
5 star rating
6/20/2020 - Yelp

Great food, great drinks and great service. Highly recommend! Workers are very friendly. Highly recommend for a little day drinking extravaganza and brunch moment.

David Golden Avatar
David Golden
6/19/2020 - Google

The most gorgeous dark eyed latina hostest out front. She is beautiful that's why I came in . Only reason .

Dylan L. Avatar
Dylan L.
5 star rating
6/19/2020 - Yelp

There's no better experience than DS Tequila. Colee was an amazing server, our group was large, but he managed to accommodate us and kept track of our confusing and disorganized ordering. He gave us great recommendations for margaritas and apps. Would recommend DS TEQUILA to all

Alex Lyons Avatar
Alex Lyons
6/13/2020 - Google

Beyond happy with our experience tonight. AMAZING service, quality, and food. Truly an extraordinary experience for the first date night out in months. Very safe, socially distant, and had many opportunities that complied with governmental guidelines. The owner did something really nice for us, and this small detail made the experience fantastic (thank you!). This was my first time ever going and by far one of the best boystown restaurants around. 6/5 stars if I could! Great service (tip your waitress/waiter more during these times if you can), great atmosphere, and really exceptional venue! Will of course return soon! 🙂

Rachel T. Avatar
Rachel T.
5 star rating
6/09/2020 - Yelp

One of the best vibes in the city of Chicago. Great drinks, delicious food, and one kick ass brunch. Extremely fun and attentive staff. Fav taco from here is probably the bbq chicken one with the crispy onions. Really enjoy the margarita selection (strawberry skinny very good)

Bryce Acuna Avatar
Bryce Acuna
6/05/2020 - Google

Feedback, great service and good! As always! Feedback, But if the music could be louder in the Patio. It’s very faint.

Jimarr Henlee Avatar
Jimarr Henlee
5/30/2020 - Google

I admire this restaurant! They serve delicious food, they have a nice menu, The chef in that restaurant is a real authority in the kitchen, I enjoy very much tasting all their food. The dishes are always tasty, the service towards the clients is friendly. I frequently visit this restaurant and I not even once was discontended. I recommend it to all my friends.

Julia P. Avatar
Julia P.
4 star rating
4/08/2020 - Yelp

Met a friend here to try something "new to us" and really enjoyed it! Turned out it was wing night, so we took advantage of that, and were definitely rewarded with delicious and meaty wings! Then we each got a main dish and were satisfied again. Seemed to have a good vibe and atmosphere! I'll be bringing my husband on wing night sometime soon!

Charlie White Avatar
Charlie White
positive review 
3/07/2020 - Facebook

Awesome experience
Highly recommend

Charlie W. Avatar
Charlie W.
5 star rating
3/07/2020 - Yelp

Great brunch spot in Boystown. Never ending Mimosas 11-3. The guacamole is spicy! The fruit substitution for potatoes is a great option. Our waiter, Cole was phenomenal!

Prince Cannon Avatar
Prince Cannon
3/03/2020 - Google

The spot is excellent and spacious, the food was yummy and the prices were very reasonable. rapidly, effective service and very welcoming waiters. Will definitely recommend this place.

Miguel Augusta Avatar
Miguel Augusta
positive review 
2/23/2020 - Facebook

Great staff - very nice and great food

Johnny Michigan Avatar
Johnny Michigan
2/06/2020 - Google

Tony (server) did a great job he was a lot of fun and my wife and I had a blast! It was our last night in Chicago on our 15 year anniversary trip! Excellent food and great vegan tacos!

Rami Asfahani Avatar
Rami Asfahani
2/06/2020 - Google

Our go to good vibe place in the neighborhood.

allmightymouse Avatar
2/01/2020 - Google

Cool place

Benjamin Gonzalez Avatar
Benjamin Gonzalez
2/01/2020 - Google

A great place to have a delicious brunch.

Philip A. Avatar
Philip A.
4 star rating
2/01/2020 - Yelp

ThIs place is a hit or miss...sometimes it's good sometimes it's okay...the food is okay and the drinks are good..although the atmosphere can be fun but it's not always my number one choice if I want to have a fun night out in Boystown or my number one choice if I wanna have a bite to eat. It's a little odd and strange to me that on Saturdays it's starting to become like a club the space and construction isn't really more of a place that you can dance because of the tables, chairs and booths. It's also not my... read more

Happy Holliday Avatar
Happy Holliday
1/25/2020 - Google

Great for kid's and Parent's to enjoy a family loving atmosphere and Great good.