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Arionna Walker Avatar
Arionna Walker
2/28/2023 - Google
I already love boys town but I didn’t pay attention to this place until my mom invited me and it was so delicious . Unlimited mimosas for like 20$ which is definite worth it. Food was great . Place does get super packed
Stacey Bergland Avatar
Stacey Bergland
10/27/2022 - Google
So much fun! The atmosphere is fun, music is great, the servers are friendly and attentive and the drinks are not so shabby. This is a great place to get some fuel for a night of Boystown dancing, drinking, and making new friends.
Diana B. Avatar
Diana B.
4 star rating
9/15/2022 - Yelp
Went for the Wednesday Bingo with a friend from out of town! It was so much fun! Friendly service and patrons with great margaritas. Although we didn't eat, the food looked amazing as orders were coming out. Cool patio, fun atmosphere and friendly people!
Bevon Brye Avatar
Bevon Brye
8/30/2022 - Google
Toni Toni Toni!!! She definitely made our experience her amazing! My husband and I moved here from SF and will def be back because of here!!!! Thank you Toni!!!!


Mimosa bowl, any margarita

Taco salad fried chicken
Any quesadilla
Velina M. Avatar
Velina M.
5 star rating
8/23/2022 - Yelp
Very cool spot jus to hang out and enjoy a Friday lunch. We very much enjoyed the atmosphere and the big Margaritas!!

I will keep this review short since we didn't get anything but chips, salsa and drinks. The place is well maintained in a good location with cute little patio.

I was happy with the chips - salty enough and the salsas hit the spot. My friend does not eat spicy so I was the only one enjoying the salsa. Be aware that they are fairly spicy so watch out! Again, I would recommend the drinks! They were about $12-13...
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Aj W. Avatar
Aj W.
5 star rating
7/16/2022 - Yelp
Fernando is the sweetest waiter I've ever had. Also highly recommend the tiki margarita and the trash can nachos
Nicholas L. Avatar
Nicholas L.
5 star rating
7/14/2022 - Yelp
First of all, any restaurant/bar with the name Tequila in it will get my money. It was an easy pick for dinner. Got a seat right away and we didn't even know it was Drag Bingo night. The menu was short but after I tasted their tacos, I realized they didn't even really need a menu at all. They were so good that I wouldn't need anything else (to eat). The margaritas were great. But the best part of this whole experience was Crystal, our server. She was so personable. After just a couple short interactions, I felt like we... read more
Alexa Simon Avatar
Alexa Simon
7/13/2022 - Google
This was such a great find!! I was drawn in by the awesome outdoor seating and was super shocked by the incredible salad (was able to add impossible patty as a vegan option!). I had a great dinner with my friend with awesome vibes, affordable wine/beer, and delicious food. Our server Robert provided amazing service and was so kind and helpful! Would absolutely recommend and definitely be back. Also, option to have itemized receipt texted to you for bill splitting!
Michael Oconnell Avatar
Michael Oconnell
7/10/2022 - Google
The drinks were amazing! This is a great place to watch the parades. The DJ was fluid, and the dance floor was packed. The bathroom was clean. Overall, well worth the visit.
Kevin M. Avatar
Kevin M.
5 star rating
7/05/2022 - Yelp
Great food, great location, great service. Fernando was the best!
Roberto B. Avatar
Roberto B.
5 star rating
7/03/2022 - Yelp
We were served by Fernando. Amazing service by Fernando and manager. Our food did take forever as we came in 30 minutes before closing time which is not the restaurants fault, obviously but Fernando and manager managed to make everything work and our food was delicious! Probably one of the best services we have received. Thank you guys for the 5 star service. Manager is such a very approachable person. Really liked coming here.
Patricia W. Avatar
Patricia W.
5 star rating
7/01/2022 - Yelp
Fernando was freaking awesome his energy his presence the way he talk just overall was just so amazing the appetizers was on point I been here before but it's was nothing like this ! He definitely needs five stars
Nichole Shaw Avatar
Nichole Shaw
6/24/2022 - Google
Went here to celebrate pride month with some coworkers and their margaritas and taco salads are to die for. I love a good boozy pour and I could smell the tequila when our drinks came out. This restaurant definitely lives up to its name.
Alyssa G. Avatar
Alyssa G.
5 star rating
6/21/2022 - Yelp
My favorite brunch place on game days! This place is so conveniently located and that alone deserves 5 stars. I come here often before Saturday or Sunday Cubs games to get a nice big meal and some margaritas! I've only ever been for brunch but the food is super yum and the drinks are strong but tasty. The staff is friendly, food is good quality and properly priced, the space is very big and open, and the music is always great!
Daniel C. Avatar
Daniel C.
5 star rating
6/19/2022 - Yelp
I was at Pride Fest and it was insane so I broke free and saw this place. Out of all the restaurants down Halsted Street this was the least wait time. They were very friendly to start with. I got seated about 30-40 minutes after being put on the waitlist. My server was very nice. I started off with the Chips and salsa trio which was a traditional red salsa and a Salsa Verde. Green salsa and the Jalapeño ranch sauce. All three were very good. Good chips too. For $12 you got a lot. Of course I had to... read more
Jose R. Avatar
Jose R.
5 star rating
6/03/2022 - Yelp
FERNANDO!!!!! From start to finish has made us feel amazing. One thing i think that is important building genuine connection with your guest and giving a experience; and that is exactly what i and our table received. Thank you so much for making our late dinner special and providing an experience that has uplifted us all.
Mayra l. Avatar
Mayra l.
4 star rating
5/21/2022 - Yelp
Nando was a gem! He was so nice and fun! The food was alright. Blackberry margarita is definitely move.
Justine C. Avatar
Justine C.
4 star rating
5/15/2022 - Yelp
Love this spot with great patio vibes! It was my first visit here and it was the perfect weather to open up the retractable roof and enjoy the sun. We were late for our reservation and the server and front desk team were kind and took care of us well! We ended doing pitchers of margaritas instead of the bottomless mimosa deal recommended by the manager so that we can get our money's worth that way - really thoughtful! We all ordered our entrees right away. I had the Betty Sue's Chicken and Biscuits which were insanely good!!! Loved everything... read more
C. Iruka Avatar
C. Iruka
5/09/2022 - Google
I don't who makes their fries. God himself? But my goodness. These are the best fries I have ever had in my entire 34 yrs of living. Bless your hearts
C. Possible Avatar
C. Possible
5/09/2022 - Google
I don't who makes their fries. God himself? But my goodness. These are the best fries I have ever had in my entire 34 yrs of living. Bless your hearts
Sophie K. Avatar
Sophie K.
5 star rating
5/02/2022 - Yelp
the lemon pepper tacos were to die for our waitress santa had the best recommendations and kept the pep in our step will be returning
Ashley M. Avatar
Ashley M.
5 star rating
5/02/2022 - Yelp
the tacos were amazing and ms. alison santa gave the best service I could have ever asked for. 10/10 recommend
Joee G. Avatar
Joee G.
5 star rating
4/30/2022 - Yelp
Came in on a Saturday night and sat at a high top table near the front of the restaurant. The windows and door were open which allowed for a welcomed breeze! Most of our party started with a slushie margarita and we all enjoyed them! I selected the Beyoncé blue mixed with strawberry slushie and it was soo tasty. Perfectly sweet and not too "alcoholy" tasting. I chose the taco trio dinner and loved all of the tacos I selected, but definitely liked the coffee rubbed steak taco best. The meat was super tender and the coffee gave the meat... read more
Lisa M. Avatar
Lisa M.
5 star rating
4/30/2022 - Yelp
Tacos were delicious! Susan A was also amazing and stopped by multiple times to make sure we were taken care of. Would recommend!
Dave O. Avatar
Dave O.
5 star rating
4/30/2022 - Yelp
Phenomenal vibes, every margarita was amazing, and Susan's beautiful soul only added to the stellar atmosphere. Couldn't recommend it more
Tyler G. Avatar
Tyler G.
5 star rating
4/30/2022 - Yelp
Great patio, drinks, and food. Always stop by when I'm in this part of town. Susan A, best waitress in the game. If you're in Chicago stop by and see her!
Devan P. Avatar
Devan P.
5 star rating
4/30/2022 - Yelp
We were in town for a concert but also to get together with friends from college. Susan was AMAZING with our table of 11 during brunch and always making sure we had drinks and were comfortable. Definitely ask for her, she is a gem!
Lauren Sellers Avatar
Lauren Sellers
4/22/2022 - Google
We came on Thursday night on a whim. Had a great experience sitting at the bar. We watched the cubs game and order food and drinks. Would highly recommend making a reservation if you don’t want to sit at the bar or wait an hour.
Mayra B. Avatar
Mayra B.
5 star rating
4/22/2022 - Yelp
CAN WE PLEASE GIVE FERNANDO A RAISE, he made my day soo special. Food was great but service was amazing!!! Thank you Fernando!!
Vince. Avatar
4/16/2022 - Google
Really great food, strong drinks. Very pricey. It was not too crowded at all on a Friday evening for dinner. Wait staff consistently did not follow through, brought the wrong order out, and gave themselves an 18% tip after all that. Could've been worse, but they really should start writing things down.
Esmeralda S. Avatar
Esmeralda S.
5 star rating
4/16/2022 - Yelp
We came in for a birthday celebration, and Justin was amazing and very helpful! He made sure to check jn with our table!
Maria D. Avatar
Maria D.
5 star rating
4/16/2022 - Yelp
The wait staff is awesome! @Justin is the best! The food is good. And the bottomless mimosas, superb! We had a great time and will definitely be coming back.
Lyndsie Griese Avatar
Lyndsie Griese
4/15/2022 - Google
Completely renovated electric vibes. Wish I would have remembered to take more photos but I dove into my tacos so fast it completely slipped my mind 😂 they were unique and you could tell all ingredients were very fresh. 10/10 ⚡
Amanda D. Avatar
Amanda D.
5 star rating
4/11/2022 - Yelp
Do you like giant mimosas? Do you like a popstar playlist? Do you like mediocre food at Boystown prices?

Well, friends, if so - this is the place for you.

I made the mistake of coming here in the early afternoon on a Sunday on Cubs weekend home opener. This is on me, totally. Km out of practice going in public.

I was in the mood for Nachos, chips and guac and a quiet lunch where I could catch up with a friend.

Cesar's was closed for renovations.

Welp, here we are. D.S serves mimosas in a goldfish bowl. This is very...
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Alex R. Avatar
Alex R.
4 star rating
4/11/2022 - Yelp
Came here after a few people recommended it as a good place with food in Boystown. Friend and and I arrived around 3 on a Sunday and sat at the bar. We both got frozen margaritas and they were delicious, solidly strong. We got the chips and queso... chips were meh but the queso was YUM. I got the fried chicken taco and the basic taco and both were AWESOME. My friend got the coffee rubbed steak taco and said it was unique but okay. We seemed to have missed the rowdy brunch crowd so... read more
Jake S. Avatar
Jake S.
5 star rating
4/08/2022 - Yelp
SANTA WAS AMAZING! Literally just left DS Tequila for a friend's birthday and Santa was an incredible waitress. She worked super hard, was incredibly kind, and was nice enough to get everyone a separate check. Seriously this girl deserves a raise or a promotion or a nomination for the Nobel prize for patience or peace or something.
Thomas Brown Avatar
Thomas Brown
4/05/2022 - Google
Went on a busy Saturday but they were more than accomodating; quick friendly service and great food! (Neither I nor my date were drinking at the time so can't advise as to that this go around).
Lily F. Avatar
Lily F.
5 star rating
4/01/2022 - Yelp
Santa from Atlanta is the best server ever. Food was great and jalapeño marg was 10/10
McKenna R. Avatar
McKenna R.
5 star rating
4/01/2022 - Yelp
Santa was a great server! Bourbon burger and sweet potato fries were great. A must try!
Ro B. Avatar
Ro B.
5 star rating
3/27/2022 - Yelp
I was there for Sunday Brunch. The food was delicious. The bottomless mimosas were excellent. Our server was Justin and he was great. Very nice, attended to our every need and he was funny and polite. When I return to this restaurant, I hope he is working that day as I will request being seated in his area. Very fun atmosphere. Great place to go with a group of friends.
Pamela S. Avatar
Pamela S.
5 star rating
3/27/2022 - Yelp
Came for Sunday brunch, first time. Our server Justin was absolutely awesome. He was attentive and accommodating. I will definitely be back.
Caitlyn Mignini Avatar
Caitlyn Mignini
3/19/2022 - Google
Even though they were understaffed everyone worked their butt off to make sure we were well taken care of. Daniel checked on us several times throughout the night and made sure to get us our shots like we asked after the meal. Thank you to all the wait/kitchen staff!
Rafael S. Avatar
Rafael S.
5 star rating
3/12/2022 - Yelp
Honestly my friend and I are traveling nurses and honestly we have received the proper service that this industry lacks now a days!! From checking in with the fabulous lady and to the super fast communication texting process you guys have was A1. Now our server Joshua there's not enough stars to even put out on this review because he went over and beyond with his hospitality he made sure he communicated us with our food time even filled our water glass when it was half empty and even knew his menu and recommended the amazing steak side with our... read more
Steve A. Avatar
Steve A.
4 star rating
3/08/2022 - Yelp
Always a fun place for drinking, eating, and games. DS Tequila is popular for tequila of course, but they have plenty of other good stuff including tacos and other Mexican- American items. It may be on the expensive side for drinks, but make up for it with the cheaper tacos. Has a pretty good variety to choose. They also have other typical bar food such as wings.

Came in with the girl for some late evening fun. It was already pretty busy but we still could get a table. The service was fast getting to us, but it would be...
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Cassie F. Avatar
Cassie F.
3/07/2022 - Google
not that impressed... tacos were very expensive but didn't come with much. not really comparable to street tacos I've had a few blocks away, not usually a big deal but these were much higher cost so i didn't feel i had a positive experience. not much taste or spice.
Jess B. Avatar
Jess B.
5 star rating
3/05/2022 - Yelp
Santa was the best server!! She was prompt and explained any questions we had on the menu. And even was funny with her sarcasm!
Michael B. Avatar
Michael B.
5 star rating
2/27/2022 - Yelp
Stopped in for brunch before a movie and had A GREAT experience. Our server Johnny was super attentive and made sure we were well taken care of. We both got the brunch taco trio in different incarnations and holy balls the bourbon chicken taco in particular was fantastic. Also, apparently they make all their salsas in house, which is a nice touch. (The jalapeno ranch is especially bonkers.)
Warren “Ambitouz Kreationz” Gaines Avatar
Warren “Ambitouz Kreationz” Gaines
2/20/2022 - Google
Great atmosphere. Drinks could've been better. Servers attentive and food was delicious.
Eric Griffin Avatar
Eric Griffin
2/02/2022 - Google
Pretty sure the mimosas are made with malt liquor and not champagne. One of my friends broke out because of this (at least that is what we expect). Food was good.
Aakanksha Pawar Avatar
Aakanksha Pawar
1/24/2022 - Google
The nachos and tacos were good. Mimosa fairy is really hard at work- always made sure to check in every now and then. I did not enjoy their vegan mushroom tacos but overall a great brunch experience.
Aakanksha P Avatar
Aakanksha P
1/24/2022 - Google
The nachos and tacos were good. Mimosa fairy is really hard at work- always made sure to check in every now and then. I did not enjoy their vegan mushroom tacos but overall a great brunch experience.
Amanda S. Avatar
Amanda S.
4 star rating
1/24/2022 - Yelp
Hey what can I say, it's a pretty fun bar; good music and you can request songs. I've always had a good time when I've gone, whether for brunch or a late night meal it's been a good time.

I always order a quesadilla so I can't tell you much else about the menu. I'll report back on the rest of the menu at a later time, lol. The quesadillas are.

The drinks were definitely a hit in my 20s when my liver could handle them, now it's nothing but drunkenness and regret in my 30s...but don't let that deter...
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Lila S. Avatar
Lila S.
5 star rating
1/23/2022 - Yelp
Came here for a drink and some food last night and it was incredible. I love a spicy marg so I ordered the jalapeño margarita (per recommendation of my server) and it was delicious. My mom got the agave nectar margarita (also per recommendation) and loved it. I got the nachos with no meat and they were AMAZING. Piled high and filled with toppings. The corkscrew fries are so good here so we had to get some as well. I wanted to give a special shout-out to my server, Crystal. She was one of the best servers I've ever had!... read more
Janea V. Avatar
Janea V.
4 star rating
1/21/2022 - Yelp
I was craving some tacos and tequila and in my Yelp search, DS Tequila popped up so i decided to give it a try.

I was not disappointed at all. Have you have had a taco flight lol? Well that have something similar called the 'Taco Trio' where you are able to pick 3 tacos from their long list of fun taco flavors. I tried the 'Fried Chicken' 'Lemon Pepper Fried Shrimp' and the 'Coffee Rubbed Steak' tacos. All were SOO good. They were jam packed with flavor and all were very unique where I didn't feel like I was eating...
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Charlie W. Avatar
Charlie W.
5 star rating
1/17/2022 - Yelp
Went in a Monday night. Low key. Great appetizers. The garbage can nachos are huge and the chicken tenders are ginormous. Very tasty. Be careful with the jalapeño margarita as it will kick your butt. Certainly will add some spicyness to your life!
Maddy G. Avatar
Maddy G.
5 star rating
1/12/2022 - Yelp
I definitely enjoyed this place! Margo was amazing. She made the whole experience at DS super fun! I loved the food and drinks but the service was excellent. Thanks to Margo and the staff at DS for a great time!
mariusz r Avatar
mariusz r
12/07/2021 - Google
You can't go wrong with this place. Delicious margaritas awesome burgers, the spiral fries are fantastic. Tacos are outstanding.. I can rave about this place all day. Honestly, one of the best if not the best place to eat in what is formally known as boystown.
Carly S. Avatar
Carly S.
4 star rating
12/03/2021 - Yelp
Such a fun spot! I love the food and drink options they have. They offer a wide variety of menu options, and they have super fun drinks you can get! Last time I visited I got a quesadilla which I loved. We also got the chips and salsa and guac - they have this amazing ranch dip, which sounds weird with tortilla chips, but trust me - you gotta try it. The only downfall is that the atmosphere can be all over the place - we went on a Sunday afternoon, so there were some really loud groups who seemed... read more
Ricardo B. Avatar
Ricardo B.
5 star rating
12/02/2021 - Yelp
We had just arrived in town and we were walking around Boystown because it was too early for check-in at the hotel when we came across this place.
Every person, regardless of age, must show a valid picture ID before he/she is allowed in and they are following Covid-19 guidelines.
When we went you could only sit at the bar which was fine. They were putting up their Christmas decorations and everything inside was sort of red because of the lights I guess.
The server was friendly and good for the eyes if you're into that. They have a few...
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Bree Avatar
9/26/2021 - Google
The jalapeño margarita was perfect! And I ordered the coffee rubbed steak, bourbon chicken and tequila shrimp tacos and each one was better the previous. Def a great place to check out. Friendly staff with good recommendations, great music and prices fair to the area.
Steven Lastname Avatar
Steven Lastname
9/24/2021 - Google
A fun and somewhat noisy place. The food is pretty good but the staff are the best. We sat with some beers waiting for our food, and before we had a chance to ask where it was after it had been a while the bartender approached us and said he’d check in it and they ended up comping us, which was fair. The manager even came by. Very professional. So the front of the house is very on it. They’re also great eye candy FWIW.
Aubrey E. Avatar
Aubrey E.
5 star rating
9/17/2021 - Yelp
Great spot to hit up for a couple margs. Stay late if you want to dance. Definitely ask for Bobby! Best server in the house
Glenn G. Avatar
Glenn G.
5 star rating
8/31/2021 - Yelp
Came here on accident since it was the only bar open before 5. I had an amazingly boozy and tasty Margarita and my Fiancé had a tequila and soda. Have to commend the management for requiring proof of vax at the door. Great friendly staff and chill vibe. Will have to return for the tacos.
Uzma Siddiqui Avatar
Uzma Siddiqui
8/22/2021 - Google
Love this place! Friendly staff, nice vibe, and delicious tacos. I really like the bourbon chicken, coffee rubbed steak, and tequila shrimp tacos. The salsa trio is also good. And good margs!
Geoff J. Avatar
Geoff J.
5 star rating
8/11/2021 - Yelp
I enjoy the vegan taco options and the nice outdoor patio eating beside the restaurant that is convenient for people watching. The price is slightly high for the smallish food portions, but the quality is good. So it's not a place to get full if you have a big appetite. I would recommend this place.
Daniel Lopez Avatar
Daniel Lopez
7/12/2021 - Google
Came here for their brunch Sundays with a group of friends. We sat out in their outdoor seating area and it was cool I loved the roof it was like a translucent gradient roof. Really neat. The food was tasty I had the Brunch Burger and the addition of syrup was game changing! I loved it, really well balanced flavor. Only knock I have is that by the bar there was this strange odor. No clue what could it be but didn’t bother me since we were seated outside.
Brandon Cooney Avatar
Brandon Cooney
6/10/2021 - Google
A friend recommended this place last minute so we decided to try it out. Glad we did. Great service, absolutely the best seasoned corkscrew fries! Great burger. Some of the tacos were a little out of my preference but some were good too. Ordered pitcher of 312 beer but pretty sure we got Miller lite… didn’t say anything because it wasn’t a huge issue for us. I’d go back
Jim Campbell Avatar
Jim Campbell
6/07/2021 - Google
I still love the bourbon chicken and coffee-rubbed steak tacos here. Am updating my review to just give appreciation for the staff and crew for doing their best to provide good service as things start to open back up again in (what seems to be) the waning days of the pandemic. I know it's a ton of effort to feed so many people who are eager to be out with friends when you haven't operated at these capacities for a long time. Thanks for the hard work you're putting in.
Paul Jones Avatar
Paul Jones
6/06/2021 - Google
Celebrated my birthday here last night and would definitely do it again! Great food and service and the dancing was so much fun later in the evening. The staff was great and the owner was also really nice!
Sunny P. Avatar
Sunny P.
5 star rating
6/06/2021 - Yelp
We celebrated my friends birthday here for brunch! I absolutely loved the atmosphere and they were very accommodating to our requests! The workers were very nice and friendly! If you showered your vaccinated cards, your didn't need to wear masks! Also this place is getting renovated so their bathrooms were very spacious and modern! The food was very flavorful and seemed fresh! I look bed the shrimp shrooms tacos. The mimosas were sweet yet not too sweet! I think I will definitely come here again!
Michael Alexander Avatar
Michael Alexander
6/04/2021 - Google
Now that I know what I know - there's NO BETTER BAR in boystown that will give you better service, better drinks, or friendlier staff. I go here, with the relief that I will have a respectful, unremitted type of service.
Christina B. Avatar
Christina B.
4 star rating
6/02/2021 - Yelp
The vibes (and guac) here are great! The margs were pretty good but know that the jalapeño marg comes with a lot of seeds in the glass
Marcos Antonio Zavala Avatar
Marcos Antonio Zavala
5/28/2021 - Google
Took a trip from Houston to the city of Chicago and this was by far my FAVORITE brunch spot in the city! The waitress was very attentive and our food came out in a timely fashion. I got a biscuit with egg, jam,sausage links and cheese, it was to die for. Definitely a 10/10! I also really enjoyed the bottomless mimosas, they most definitely hit the spot. I would definitely recommend for any group of people, especially if you enjoy catch a good ol brunch buzz to start off your day.
Paige F. Avatar
Paige F.
5 star rating
5/15/2021 - Yelp
Reeves is amazing!! He was so helpful and attentive for the entirety of our visit. Would HIGHLY recommend!!
Kierah M. Avatar
Kierah M.
5 star rating
4/23/2021 - Yelp
I have to say this is one of the best dining experiences I have ever had. Calan did exceptionally when serving me for my 28th bday. He was attentive, caring and quick. It's very rare that you can find great service to this caliber in Chicago. Will definitely be back!!!!!