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Carrie Cosgrove Barriere Avatar
Carrie Cosgrove Barriere
9/21/2020 - Google

Great food, friendly staff. Our server Steven was wonderful!!

Steven N. Avatar
Steven N.
5 star rating
9/12/2020 - Yelp

Drinks were strong and the lemon shrimp tacos were super good. The coffee stream taco was interesting, you really should have a taste for it. Not my forte but service and food was exceptional

Lindsey T. Avatar
Lindsey T.
5 star rating
9/06/2020 - Yelp

Went for Brunch and it was great! Good food but the Drinks is definitely why people come here! sooo many options of Margaritas/Tequila drinks

Xzavier Lee Avatar
Xzavier Lee
9/03/2020 - Google

Easily a place to regular. They have weekly deals, cheap wings and a good food/drinks. Don't hesitate to get the jalepeno ranch, and for those that like sweet potato fries like I do. These are the best ☺️

William H Avatar
William H
8/19/2020 - Google

Fast service, food is hot and definitely adhering to the safe distancing between tables. Staff is very professional

Mayur C. Avatar
Mayur C.
5 star rating
8/16/2020 - Yelp

Mira, Angie is the best. Enough said. She'll bring you your drinks with some amor y humor. Gracias, mi gente. Cuídense.

Stefanie Salerno Avatar
Stefanie Salerno
8/09/2020 - Google

Their fried chicken and coffee rubbed steak tacos are delicious! Also, the mimosa package is a great deal!

Liz Ladewig Avatar
Liz Ladewig
8/08/2020 - Google

Delicious and the COVID protocols are top notch.

shawn coleman Avatar
shawn coleman
7/31/2020 - Google

Brunch here is actually really amazing. The food was perfectly balanced and the bottomless mimosas had my party feeling summer time fine lol. I'm excited for my next visit.

Cary Gray Avatar
Cary Gray
7/26/2020 - Google

Great waiter Tony actually smiled with his eyes. Food was delicious. Only draw back was a Karen at the door.

Steve R. Avatar
Steve R.
5 star rating
7/26/2020 - Yelp

This place is a very great establishment overall! Food is amazing, staff is very friendly. Kyle S was very attentive and paid attention to detail when it came to the needs of my group. The extra love he supplies during your DS experience is worth it.

Drew M. Avatar
Drew M.
5 star rating
7/25/2020 - Yelp

I wanted to write and recognize our server, Tony, for being a consummate professional. Me and a friend were there Sunday evening when an unruly guest was refusing to follow social distancing guidelines and was just a mess all around. Tony, and manager Margo, could not have diffused the situation and handled it better if they tried. They even got the surrounding tables a shot for having to witness the situation, which was unnecessary, but only showed how much they cared to ensure a great experience for everyone else. Truly professional all around.

Bridget M. Avatar
Bridget M.
5 star rating
7/18/2020 - Yelp

Awesome tacos and margs! Our waiter, Kyle S., was so inviting and helpful. Coming back for sure

Patricia U. Avatar
Patricia U.
5 star rating
7/18/2020 - Yelp

One of the best places I have ever been. Our waiter Kyle S was phenomenal. He made sure to check in on us and bring us anything we need. The steak quesadillas are to die for. Will definitely come back.

Marissa L. Avatar
Marissa L.
5 star rating
7/17/2020 - Yelp

Anthony (Tony) M. Was a great waiter and definitely would be back as long as he is there...... the food was great and the atmosphere was amazing

Desmond Anderson Avatar
Desmond Anderson
7/15/2020 - Google

The waiters/waitresses are friendly, the drinks are awesome, and the food is delicious. They, also have good specials.

Sean I. Avatar
Sean I.
5 star rating
7/13/2020 - Yelp

Went with bae to celebrate the Fourth of July. Best guacamole I've had at a dining establishment. I'm always hesitant to order burgers when I dine out but the LGBTQ (The burger of the month) was amazing!

Sean I. Avatar
Sean I.
5 star rating
7/05/2020 - Yelp

Went with bae to celebrate the Fourth of July. Best guacamole I've had at a dining establishment. I'm always hesitant to order burgers when I dine out but The LGBTQ (The burger of the month) was amazing!

Maggie M. Avatar
Maggie M.
5 star rating
6/21/2020 - Yelp

Bourbon chicken tacos were delicious!! An inviting environment and our server Colee was lovely and accommodating. Would absolutely recommend.

Mason D. Avatar
Mason D.
5 star rating
6/20/2020 - Yelp

Great food, great drinks and great service. Highly recommend! Workers are very friendly. Highly recommend for a little day drinking extravaganza and brunch moment.

David Golden Avatar
David Golden
6/19/2020 - Google

The most gorgeous dark eyed latina hostest out front. She is beautiful that's why I came in . Only reason .

Dylan L. Avatar
Dylan L.
5 star rating
6/19/2020 - Yelp

There's no better experience than DS Tequila. Colee was an amazing server, our group was large, but he managed to accommodate us and kept track of our confusing and disorganized ordering. He gave us great recommendations for margaritas and apps. Would recommend DS TEQUILA to all

Alex Lyons Avatar
Alex Lyons
6/13/2020 - Google

Beyond happy with our experience tonight. AMAZING service, quality, and food. Truly an extraordinary experience for the first date night out in months. Very safe, socially distant, and had many opportunities that complied with governmental guidelines. The owner did something really nice for us, and this small detail made the experience fantastic (thank you!). This was my first time ever going and by far one of the best boystown restaurants around. 6/5 stars if I could! Great service (tip your waitress/waiter more during these times if you can), great atmosphere, and really exceptional venue! Will of course return soon! 🙂

Rachel T. Avatar
Rachel T.
5 star rating
6/09/2020 - Yelp

One of the best vibes in the city of Chicago. Great drinks, delicious food, and one kick ass brunch. Extremely fun and attentive staff. Fav taco from here is probably the bbq chicken one with the crispy onions. Really enjoy the margarita selection (strawberry skinny very good)

Bryce Acuna Avatar
Bryce Acuna
6/05/2020 - Google

Feedback, great service and good! As always! Feedback, But if the music could be louder in the Patio. It’s very faint.

Jimarr Henlee Avatar
Jimarr Henlee
5/30/2020 - Google

I admire this restaurant! They serve delicious food, they have a nice menu, The chef in that restaurant is a real authority in the kitchen, I enjoy very much tasting all their food. The dishes are always tasty, the service towards the clients is friendly. I frequently visit this restaurant and I not even once was discontended. I recommend it to all my friends.

Julia P. Avatar
Julia P.
4 star rating
4/08/2020 - Yelp

Met a friend here to try something "new to us" and really enjoyed it! Turned out it was wing night, so we took advantage of that, and were definitely rewarded with delicious and meaty wings! Then we each got a main dish and were satisfied again. Seemed to have a good vibe and atmosphere! I'll be bringing my husband on wing night sometime soon!

Charlie White Avatar
Charlie White
positive review 
3/07/2020 - Facebook

Awesome experience
Highly recommend

Charlie W. Avatar
Charlie W.
5 star rating
3/07/2020 - Yelp

Great brunch spot in Boystown. Never ending Mimosas 11-3. The guacamole is spicy! The fruit substitution for potatoes is a great option. Our waiter, Cole was phenomenal!

Prince Cannon Avatar
Prince Cannon
3/03/2020 - Google

The spot is excellent and spacious, the food was yummy and the prices were very reasonable. rapidly, effective service and very welcoming waiters. Will definitely recommend this place.

Miguel Augusta Avatar
Miguel Augusta
positive review 
2/23/2020 - Facebook

Great staff - very nice and great food

Johnny Michigan Avatar
Johnny Michigan
2/06/2020 - Google

Tony (server) did a great job he was a lot of fun and my wife and I had a blast! It was our last night in Chicago on our 15 year anniversary trip! Excellent food and great vegan tacos!

Rami Asfahani Avatar
Rami Asfahani
2/06/2020 - Google

Our go to good vibe place in the neighborhood.

allmightymouse Avatar
2/01/2020 - Google

Cool place

Benjamin Gonzalez Avatar
Benjamin Gonzalez
2/01/2020 - Google

A great place to have a delicious brunch.

Philip A. Avatar
Philip A.
4 star rating
2/01/2020 - Yelp

ThIs place is a hit or miss...sometimes it's good sometimes it's okay...the food is okay and the drinks are good..although the atmosphere can be fun but it's not always my number one choice if I want to have a fun night out in Boystown or my number one choice if I wanna have a bite to eat. It's a little odd and strange to me that on Saturdays it's starting to become like a club the space and construction isn't really more of a place that you can dance because of the tables, chairs and booths. It's also not my... read more

Happy Holliday Avatar
Happy Holliday
1/25/2020 - Google

Great for kid's and Parent's to enjoy a family loving atmosphere and Great good.

Catherine Hall Avatar
Catherine Hall
1/25/2020 - Google

Terrific tacos and drinks. A fun spot with delicious food and great specials

Rocky IsMe Avatar
Rocky IsMe
1/18/2020 - Google

Good food. Loud atmosphere.

Madeline Doon Avatar
Madeline Doon
1/18/2020 - Google

Came here for NYE, and was pretty great. Servers are fun enough and the venue is nice.

George A. Avatar
George A.
5 star rating
1/16/2020 - Yelp

Wow! Why doesn't this place have a solid 5 Yelp review?? This place is amazing! The food is beyond great! The service is top notch. The drinks are powerful! I had the taco trio dinner. Delicious! I have passed this place a hundred times. So glad I stopped in today. I won't pass it by again. I will be a regular!! Try it!

David_P_M1 Avatar
4 star rating
1/16/2020 - TripAdvisor

A fun place, great specials. Arrived after 9hr flight from London, hit Boystown and were hungry. Decided to go to D.S Tequila as opposite bar we were in. Friendly welcome and saw their special 35c wings on a Tuesday. I had 10 wings which were spicy and good partner had blackened chicken quesadillas which were good. Service very friendly and attentive.

Chuck M. Avatar
Chuck M.
5 star rating
1/14/2020 - Yelp

I can across this place just walking down the street and saw tequila in the name and wanted a margarita. I have the best spicy margarita and the most amazing brisket tacos! I am so coming back to this place. If you are in the neighborhood, stop in. Friendly and fast service and Great atmosphere!

Fransz J Murphy-Holtrop Avatar
Fransz J Murphy-Holtrop
positive review 
1/10/2020 - Facebook

pleasant atmosphere. burgers to die for . .

Todd Michael Avatar
Todd Michael
1/08/2020 - Google

Alan was a great server. Food was delicious. Excellent margaritas!!

Amanda Morales Avatar
Amanda Morales
1/08/2020 - Google

Great place for quick meet

AvennGed1 Avatar
1/08/2020 - Google

Everytime I come here we have a fantastic time! From brunch with bottomless mimosas to dinner with the yummiest tacos ever! You can never go wrong with D.S. Tequila! Cant wait to go back again!!

Matthew Jastrzebski Avatar
Matthew Jastrzebski
1/08/2020 - Google

Great for NYE, no cover!!

Lucas Garza Avatar
Lucas Garza
1/08/2020 - Google

The alcoholic slushy drinks and delicious wings really hit the spot

Amanda R. Berenguel Smolka Avatar
Amanda R. Berenguel Smolka
1/08/2020 - Google

Fun atmosphere and great service!

Tom Mikolinis Avatar
Tom Mikolinis
1/08/2020 - Google

DJ Vlad is one of the best DJs I have ever seen and consistently slams every Saturday night I go. Also love the recent LSU affiliation and always have a great time whether it is brunch, all you can eat taco bingo, trivia, or DJ Vlad!

Shivam Shah Avatar
Shivam Shah
1/08/2020 - Google

Great place for music, food, and drinks!

Paulyglot Avatar
5 star rating
1/07/2020 - TripAdvisor

Not a place for Killjoys I had brunch this past Saturday here and it was honestly one of the best brunches I’ve had. All my friends ordered something different so I got to try a bit of everything. Not a single thing that I tasted was bad. The food was to die for. I ordered the brunch burger which is a hangover’s kryptonite. I didn’t need it but it tasted divine regardless. Now if you know me outside of my wonderful trip advisor reviews, you know that of course I’m gonna get some bottomless mimosas. I mean c’mon now.

So me and my friends all...
read more

Jazzy Lady Avatar
Jazzy Lady
1/06/2020 - Google

Although this is a bar the dance floor was jumping!!! The dj was such a crowd reader and had my friends and I sweating for hours. The great drink menu (including a nice assortment of slushes) was just an amazing bonus. The patronage were all seemingly like minded people and the gender neutral bathrooms just a further step into this inclusive scene. We loved the atmosphere and had a great time celebrating our friend's birthday.

Sam W. Avatar
Sam W.
5 star rating
1/04/2020 - Yelp

Love this place! Booked a last minute brunch with friends and had Tony as our server. Everything was great! Bottomless mimosas, food, service (we love Tony- sorry we can be a handful:-)

MonayeCarl Slaughter Avatar
MonayeCarl Slaughter
positive review 
12/31/2019 - Facebook

Happy New Years. Great crowd and DJ

Hello H. Avatar
Hello H.
5 star rating
12/31/2019 - Yelp

best bar i've ever been to!!!!! the music is always amazing and the drinks are reasonably priced. the bartenders are sooo sweet. my girlfriend and I go there constantly...probably a little too much! they also have these delicious vodka slushees!

Denis A. Avatar
Denis A.
5 star rating
12/29/2019 - Yelp

My family and I stopped by after Blue Man Group for dinner. All around, it was an excellent experience! Our server, Bob, was efficient, helpful and a blast! The fish tacos he recommended were excellent! They also had the beat fries that I've had in a long time. The drinks were sensational! My wife had a margarita and I had the sangria. I highly recommend going there, and I look forward to being back in the neighborhood to go there again!

Everz Avatar
12/26/2019 - Google

We had our company gathering here. Service was fast and attentive. Drinks were on point and I loved that you can definitely taste the alcohol in the margaritas unlike most places. Trash can nachos were delicious. Most of my group ordered the three taco dinner but unfortunately our tacos came out cold. By then we were all starving so we dug in. Rice and beans on the taco dinner needs more flavor. That was the only let down. Great place to hang out with friends, eat and have a few drinks!

Caleb D. Avatar
Caleb D.
5 star rating
12/21/2019 - Yelp

Absolutely amazing bar! The bartenders are the great especially Cody. The food is also good can never go wrong with any of their tacos or chips and queso. Also there wings are so fire!

Quentin Williams Avatar
Quentin Williams
12/13/2019 - Google

Fun time, the food/drinks and bingo were a blast! Bingo caller was cute and terrific at hosting the evening! Will be returning.

Stephanie Burkus Avatar
Stephanie Burkus
12/08/2019 - Google

The DJ here is actually legit. Respect.

josh larson Avatar
josh larson
12/08/2019 - Google

Great atmosphere and mediocre mimosas

Helen Bruder Avatar
Helen Bruder
12/08/2019 - Google

Great brisket fries and 9 layer dip.

Austin Fortner Avatar
Austin Fortner
12/08/2019 - Google

I don't think I've ever had the food here, but I just love the music and atmosphere on weekend nights when it turns into a bar. It can get crowded, but I don't remember ever having a bad time in DS Tequila

321 and me Avatar
321 and me
12/08/2019 - Google

This was my first time here and I have to say that I am they did not disappoint. The service was good, food came out relatively fast and food was tasty. I'm sure I'll be back 👍

Michelle S. Avatar
Michelle S.
5 star rating
12/08/2019 - Yelp

Always great to stop by when I'm in Boystown. I usually bring visiting friends here when we explore Halsted. Love their taco specials and great drinks. Everyone is friendly and accommodating. Great patio in the summer!

Abigail E. Avatar
Abigail E.
5 star rating
11/30/2019 - Yelp

This is hands down the best brunch place I've ever been to. Great Service. Mimosa Fairy. What more can I say?!?

Ryan M. Avatar
Ryan M.
5 star rating
11/22/2019 - Yelp

Was able to get right in on a Saturday morning brunch. Staff was incredibly friendly, fun environment for brunch. Food and drinks were great!

Johnnie Gogins Avatar
Johnnie Gogins
positive review 
11/19/2019 - Facebook

great music great bartenders great servers great food great drinks great atmosphere

Janessa Moody Avatar
Janessa Moody
positive review 
11/16/2019 - Facebook

Great drinks and service. I'll definately be back.

PJ R. Avatar
5 star rating
11/09/2019 - Yelp

Went for the LSU vs Bama game! Great experience however the one Bama got crapped on for no reason. The server Jen was amazing and was extremely nice even though she's an Alabama fan we still love her and will come back to see her next week!!

Brian W. Avatar
Brian W.
5 star rating
11/09/2019 - Yelp

A really fun and cool bar for watching the LSU game. Especially meeting Jen who is a server there but a BAMA fan but she was super cool. Great game. GEAUX Tigers!

Aaron Allen Avatar
Aaron Allen
positive review 
11/08/2019 - Facebook

Great food !!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Amy Rafanello Avatar
Amy Rafanello
positive review 
11/08/2019 - Facebook

Really tasty & unusual tacos! Brisket is amazing! Staff is simply superb! *****