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Al Pastor (Pork)


  • 15 pounds of pork shoulder with fat trimmed slightly
  • 9 tablespoons of achoite paste
  • 6 tablespoons ground gaujillios
  • 3 tablespoons of minced garlic
  • 3 tablespoons oregano
  • 3 tablespoons cumin
  • 3 tablespoons of salt
  • 2 ¼ cups of white vinegar
  • 3 cups of pineapple juice
  • 1 pineapple, about 6 oz after removing the core


Mix all ingredients in a large mixing bowl to make the marinade place in cooler.

Slice pork into 2 inch thick pieces.

Pour marinade over pork and let marinade for 2 hours (overnight is better).

Stick skewers through pineapple slices and stand vertical in a hotel pan (pineapples down).

Stick marinade pork down the skewers about 6-7 pieces per skewer.

Put pineapple slices on ends of skewers.

Cook in oven at 400 degrees for 2 hours or until internal temp reaches 155 degrees.